Easy-to-install Balcony Safety Net For Fall Protection

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The  safety net has small and uniform meshes, firm mesh buckle, no movement, high-density low-pressure polyethylene material, high strength, high melting point, strong salt and alkali resistance, moisture-proof, aging resistance, and long service life.The safety net is easy to install and can prevent pets, children from falling from buildings accidentally and birds from entering by mistake.

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It is divided into ordinary safety net, flame retardant safety net, dense mesh safety net, blocking net and anti-fall net.
Material: nylon, vinylon, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc. The product is simple to install, easy to use, reasonable in mesh structure, evenly distributed in gravity after being stressed, and strong in bearing capacity.
Suitable for ponds, swimming pools, car trunks, trucks, high-rise building construction, children’s entertainment venues, sports venues, etc. It is used to prevent people and objects from falling, shaking, or to avoid injury from falling objects. It can play a supporting role and prevent casualties from falling. Even if it falls, it can ensure safety.
The cargo transportation safety net is made of materials with high strength, wear resistance, good flexibility, high elongation and strong durability. Good recoil, strong and firm. Nets used to prevent people and objects from falling, or to avoid or reduce the damage of falling and objects. The vehicle cargo safety net is mostly used for transporting vehicles to fasten and protect the cargo. It helps to stabilize the cargo during the driving process, reduce the shaking of the cargo, and avoid the loss of fragile and other items.
The function of the flat net is to block the falling people and objects, and to avoid or reduce the damage of falling and objects; the function of the vertical net is to prevent people or objects from falling. The force strength of the net must withstand the weight and impact distance of the human body and tools and other objects falling, the longitudinal tension and impact strength.

Material HDPE
Width 1m-6m or as your request
Length 10m-500m or as your request
Weight 85 gsm
Mesh size as your request
Colour black, blue, and the other colors is available

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