Multi-purpose camouflage net has good concealment

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As the name suggests, camouflage network plays the role of camouflage and concealment. Under certain circumstances, such as in the woods, there are trees, trunks and vegetation, and from a distance a green is mixed with some browns and browns. We will use the jungle camouflage net, its color is consistent with the environment color of the forest, and it is difficult to distinguish it from a distance with the naked eye. With the continuous development of society, the demand for camouflage nets for civilian use has become larger and larger. Therefore, camouflage nets have also undergone some changes in functionality, becoming more and more common and practical. The industry plays a very important role.

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1. Multiple colors: light jungle, dark jungle, ocean, desert, desert, snow, black, etc., with multiple colors, suitable for different terrains and environments.
2. Use: can be used for aerial photography, sunshade, greening, decoration, etc.
3. Fabric material: Oxford cloth
4. Light and durable: The camouflage net is light and durable. Net rolls up for easy portability and storage
, ideal for military and themed personalization, such as movie scenes, theme parks, bars, hotels, country travel, bedrooms, landscaping arrangements, photography cuts, etc.
5. Free cutting: meshless camouflage mesh can be easily cut by yourself, suitable for different sizes
Heat and sun protection, perfect for garden pergola, roof, greenhouse, carriage shed, car, etc.
6. Environment rendering and camouflage: Environment rendering for CS games, airsoft, paintball and other outdoor activities. Camouflage nets are suitable for camouflage for hunting, bird watching and photography.

Product Specification

Product name Camouflage Net
Color Army Greenblue, white, Can be customized
Material 210D Oxford
Usage Outdoor Activities, Theme personalized decoration, Sunshade, hunting, shooting, etc.
Feature Lightweight
Keywords Camo Netting Camouflage Net
size 2x3m, 3x3m, 3x4m, 4x5m, 4x6m, 6x6m /custom
feature Durable, waterproof and anticorrosive
Terms of Payment T/T, L/C

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